ACT DISABILITY STRATEGY – Consultations Launched

Photo: Renee Heaton and Emma Davidson launching the Consultation Package

The ACT is calling for input from People with Disability to design a massive new Strategy that will shape the future direction of government support in the Territory over the coming decade.

Speaking as she launched the consultation drive, Territory Disability Minister Emma Davidson insisted that the key to the strategy’s success would be input from the community. “The consultation process will be led by people with disability, ensuring the voices of the community are front and centre”, Davidson says. “We want to hear from people with disability, families, carers, supporters and interested community members about how to create a positive environment for life here in Canberra.”

“When people with disability can engage in our political, social, economic and cultural life, our city becomes better connected and supported. This is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate what codesign and good consultation really look like,” Davidson added, “so that when we’re working with people with disability to build that better future that we all want together, that it’s their ideas and their voices that lead the way”.


The Chair of the Territory’s Disability Reference Group Renee Heaton says she’s particularly excited about the new possibilities the consultation will open up. Heaton told Canberra Weekly the city is progressive and filled with people who have hearts of gold. “We want to capture that, harness it, and turn it into a strategy that makes a real difference for people with disability in Canberra.”

“We come in all different shapes and sizes, and backgrounds and capabilities,” Heaton says, “and we all should have a chance to contribute to our community, to our employment, and to Canberra.”

“I am so excited to be starting consultations for the ACT’s Disability Strategy and I’m so pleased it’s being led by people with disability themselves. Canberra is a great community, but we can make it better. For me, I want to access all the things I need to make a great life and for our community to be full of people who understand disability and take actions to be inclusive. I am hopeful our new Strategy can achieve all of this and more.”

The consultations will close at the end of July. You can contribute to the new strategy at: 




Nic Stuart

Nicholas Stuart is an author (Kevin Rudd, an unauthorised political biography; What Goes Up, behind the 2007 election; Kevin Rudd, 2007 - 2011) and columnist with the Canberra Times. He was the ABC's Indochina Correspondent when he suffered a significant head injury in a car crash in Bangkok.

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