Call to arms . . .

This is a site designed for all of us, but particularly focused on the needs of the Canberra community. has two strands: providing news and information (about disability, the NDIS, and life); and as a vital forum where we can share knowledge together.  It’s an electronic space designed especially for you. And that’s why it would be great if you would like to contribute.

And this is where you come in.

So how might that work?

Simple. You contribute; we publish. Everything and anything about disability, the NDIS, or life. Let’s make this blog into a rich resource for everyone, a compendium of useful, solid information with a plethora of ideas and contributions.

Our DNA is simple.

In order to succeed this needs to be a forum for all of us. A safe space, and one where we can all contribute our stories and insights.

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