Why ability.news? 


The Problem 

The idea was simple. The National Disability Insurance Scheme would transform disability care by allowing people to choose the particular supports they required. Instead of services being allocated to participants, they would be able to choose the best services to meet their individual needs. Providers would develop in response to these needs and a market would be created. 

But systems aren’t overturned quite that easily. Traditional ways of doing things got in the way and, although the new system worked brilliantly for some, others weren’t able to articulate or satisfy their requirements quite so effectively. There was no single place that participants could head to to discover what was on offer and choose the services that were right for them. 

The NDIS had created a market – but one without a market-place. 


The Solution 

Of course there are lots of information resources available, but they are all being offered by organisations with their own agenda. 

Government websites offer too much exhaustive detail while the NDIS can’t compare or criticise the offerings of different providers. Some services offer information about their offerings, but these aren’t necessarily the best match for particular individuals and finding your way through the thicket of information can become a real challenge.  Amidst the clamour some great programs can struggle to get heard while bigger and agile for-profit providers carve up the market, inadvertently disadvantaging some participants.

The NDIS successfully created a market – but it was one without a market-place: a forum where information can be shared and knowledge created. A site that places the needs of the individual participant first. 

That’s why we’ve created ability.news


Our Vision

By providing relevant, immediate, helpful and credible information, ability.news will distribute knowledge about disability issues and become a central hub for those engaging in this critical sector. Our vision is for ability.news to become the key resource for anyone involved with, working for, researching, or needs to engage with disability issues.

It will provide a forum; a virtual market-place where individuals can gain comfort and knowledge by interacting with others and engaging as members of a genuine community. It will build capacity and resilience in the sector by offering individuals a central space where they can share their needs, experiences and solutions. It will build capacity and resilience. 

We want to give the NDIS a chance to succeed. 


Our Mission

That’s why ability.news exists. We recognise the vital need to connecting people with disability by ensuring everyone has a news service dedicated to their needs, inform everybody about the challenges and potential solutions affecting the sector, and empower people with the information they need to make critical decisions and live their best possible life. That’s our mission: to connect, inform, and empower people with disability. 


How we do it!

By publishing news and articles offering comprehensive and increasingly rigorous analysis, breadth of reporting, and compelling stories, we hope to keep a relentless focus on this vital sector. We look for work that offers insight and a way ahead – a way of allowing individuals to live their best possible lives.





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