This is your page!

The idea is that we want everyone to contribute with just one simple rule: be positive.

It’s easy to say, for example, “the NDIS is broken!” The problem is that doing this is not particularly constructive.

What we’re asking any contributor to do, for example, is suggest how they’ve found answers to particular issues they’ve faced, instead of simply listing the problems. No problem doing that, of course, but hopefully we can make this site about solutions rather than difficulties. We’re aiming to concentrate on ability – not disability.

The aim of this Forum is to (eventually) provide specific sections to allow people to share information and knowledge about particular disability issues. In the meantime, however, we’re just letting it all hang out on this one page.

We’re still having a couple of little problems with the site, so if you want to contribute anything (but can’t) please send it to or phone me on 04 10 278 827.


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