You can’t have a conference without a bright, shiny venue – the University of Sydney’s Business School in Chippendale  There’s no doubt about the prevalence of brain injury in Australia, The Australian Bureau of Statistics says 700,000 people are affected by what used to (more euphemistically) be described as ‘head injury’. That’s one in every […]


Anthony Albanese has spent his entire life waiting to take command. Now he finally is in charge he’s not going to stuff it up. Picture: courtesy of Canberra Times/Elesa Kurtz By Nicholas Stuart June 20 2022  A few otherwise intelligent people seem to be having difficulty understanding what’s happening, so let’s repeat the news: Labor […]


Martin Hoffman: Photo Credit Canberra Times He didn’t have to go but, as Shakespeare might have said, if he was going to be out “’tis well it were done quickly”. The clash between the head of the National Disability Insurance Agency and incoming Minister Bill Shorten gave every appearance of being highly personal. It was […]


Bill Shorten in his Canberra office. Picture credit: Elesa Kurtz/Canberra Times Yesterday’s column ended on the point of posing a critical question: what is behind Bill Shorten’s incredible passion to establish the National Disability Insurance Scheme? Does it emanate from a genuine commitment to improving conditions for people with disability? Or, to take the most […]


Bill Shorten (photo credit: billshorten.com.au)  When Napoleon wanted to understand someone he’d ask, “what drives this person? What makes them move?” Years ago, when he first came to Parliament and long before he became Opposition Leader, I thought I’d discovered the answer for Bill Shorten. Every careful step in his career seemed directed towards one […]

Six months to save the world . . .

Can Anthony Albanese become a constructive builder finding a new way forward? Picture: Keegan Carroll/Canberra Times FacebookTwitterWhatsappEmaCan Anthony Albanese become a constructive builder finding a new way forward? Picture: Keegan Carroll/Canberra Times Anthony Albanese now has a chance to cement Labor as the party of middle Australia, destroy the Liberal party and marginalise the Coalition, […]

Should you be worried about monkey-pox?

Worrying signs of monkey-pox – lesions all over the skin  First Covid; now Monkey-pox. First a case was identified in Melbourne; now there’s another in Sydney. Is it another contagious disease that’s going to cause death and shut-down the country? Fortunately, no. Although Monkey-pox is a cousin of Smallpox (one of humanity’s biggest killer diseases), […]

A New Government – What’s driving politics

The new PM. Anthony Albanese being sworn in at Government House Yarralumla yesterday. Brilliant photo courtesy Brendon Thorne | Bloomberg | Getty Images  There could – so easily – have been a problem with this change of government. Scott Morrison could have insisted, over the weekend, that he hadn’t definitively lost office and there was […]

A New Government – Election Overview

Incoming PM Anthony Albanese signs a poster for twin brothers in Sydney’s inner west yesterday (photo courtesy AAP) A New Beginning . . . By Nicholas Stuart As published in the Canberra Times, May 23 2022  FacebookTwitterWhatsappEmai This is, for Labor, at once both the best of times and the worst of times.  LABOR WON, […]

Self Plus Plus – what a good idea!

Jonathan Laloz (pic supplied)  Jonathan Laloz makes it all sound pretty simple – which is always a problem for a journalist because you know there must be something more to the story. Even if it’s just emotion and the drive to accomplish something for someone else. According to Laloz it all began with a fondness […]

What really matters – Election 2020

Leaders Debate [photo courtesy BBC] Exactly the middle of the election campaign and what have we found? Three things. Let’s deal with them one by one over the next three days. First – and perhaps most relevant – the fate of the NDIS. Unsurprisingly people with disabiliy have featured in both parties’ pitches to the […]

Covid’s still with us

Outside a hospital early in the pandemic – courtesy ABC Covid isn’t in the news every day but it hasn’t gone away. Monday’s the day ability.news focuses on stories about individuals with disability and that’s why today’s issue is about Covid. Anyone who comes into contact with someone infected with the virus faces the danger […]

“You don’t know my story, mate . . . “

Nic Stuart asking a question at the National Press Club People often come up and tell me “oh, you can’t tell you’ve got a brain injury”. To which I reply, “really”. Sometimes, though, my head injury does show up. Dramatically. My ‘day’ job is writing a column for the Canberra Times. This means I attend […]

What does ‘National Day of Action’ mean?

Image courtesy Shoalhaven News 2ST – 28th April Day of Action Huge rallies are planned to be held across the country today as advocates warn the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is in danger of failing to achieve its aims. One specific focus of many protests today will be the NDIA’s move to review participants’ […]

What can French Presidential Election results tell us?

  Re-elected! French President Macron (courtesy al Jazeera) What can the re-election of a French President tell us about Australian politics in the middle of our campaign season? Perhaps surprisingly, quite a bit. It’s all in (firstly) the system and (secondly) the numbers. France’s executive leader (the President) isn’t chosen by parliament, but directly by the […]

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