Covid’s still with us

Outside a hospital early in the pandemic – courtesy ABC Covid isn’t in the news every day but it hasn’t gone away. Monday’s the day ability.news focuses on stories about individuals with disability and that’s why today’s issue is about Covid. Anyone who comes into contact with someone infected with the virus faces the danger […]

What does ‘National Day of Action’ mean?

Image courtesy Shoalhaven News 2ST – 28th April Day of Action Huge rallies are planned to be held across the country today as advocates warn the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is in danger of failing to achieve its aims. One specific focus of many protests today will be the NDIA’s move to review participants’ […]

What can French Presidential Election results tell us?

  Re-elected! French President Macron (courtesy al Jazeera) What can the re-election of a French President tell us about Australian politics in the middle of our campaign season? Perhaps surprisingly, quite a bit. It’s all in (firstly) the system and (secondly) the numbers. France’s executive leader (the President) isn’t chosen by parliament, but directly by the […]

ACT DISABILITY STRATEGY – Consultations Launched

Photo: Renee Heaton and Emma Davidson launching the Consultation Package The ACT is calling for input from People with Disability to design a massive new Strategy that will shape the future direction of government support in the Territory over the coming decade. Speaking as she launched the consultation drive, Territory Disability Minister Emma Davidson insisted […]

A BUDGET FOR DISABILITY? The big picture analysts . . .

Just what does this Budget mean for people with disability? We’ll be dissecting it over the coming weeks in an attempt to find out . . .  The first reaction to the budget should be surprise. Why? Here’s the Guardian‘s Greg Jerico: “Since the dark days of the pandemic and the 2020-21 budget, the government […]

A BUDGET FOR DISABILITY? The government says . . .

Just what does this Budget mean for people with disability? We’ll be dissecting it over the coming weeks in an attempt to find out . . . Let’s begin with all the bumpf surrounding the actual document itself – the public relations spruik: Funding the NDIS An additional $13.2 billion to the NDIS The Government […]

Deeply concerned: Disability Royal Commission on COVID threat

Photo: Chair of the Royal Commission, The Hon Ronald Sackville The Disability Royal Commission has released a Statement of Ongoing Concern over the lack of COVID19 protections for people with disability. Concerns include inequality and discrimination in services impacting the health, safety, and wellbeing of people with disability. In a statement, the Chair of the […]

Peak concerns NDIS bill could be rushed through Parliament

People With Disability Australia President Samantha Connor speaking to the media at Parliament this week. Photo: PWDA The biggest changes to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) since its inception are being considered in a Bill in the last days of the 46th Parliament, and disability advocates say the process is being rushed without adequate […]

Tuesday Business: Matching Support Workers to Vital Jobs

Michael Metcalfe, founder of job matching program Kynd. Photo courtesy Southern Cross University.  Struggling through Covid has proved an insurmountable challenge for many young start-up businesses. For Kynd, a service matching support workers to NDIS participants, it’s seen a new market suddenly spring up. “There’s been a sudden and huge surge in demand from people […]

Elections and Leadership

Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Photo courtesy SBS  The National Disability Insurance Scheme is run by the Federal Government. It makes the rules; the NDIA’s role is simply one of implementation. The politicians’ role is crucial. And that’s why nothing will be more vital over the coming year than understanding who will win the election and […]

Friday Politics: Who’s to blame for the rising Covid death toll?

Even before taking over as NSW Premier, Dominic Perrottet was outspoken about his perception that NSW needed to “reopen”. Picture: Sylvia Liber We seem to be talking as if the pandemic is over. It’s important to realise it’s not. What we can be thankful for is that the death toll was not even worse in […]

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